Friday, April 27, 2012

Current Alternative and Western Treatments

Here is a current list of my alternative and mainstream treatments:

Vitamins and Supplements
B-complex (overall health and energy, plus additional folic acid)
Cod Liver Oil (immune health, plus post-colonial children swear by it)
Vitamin D (diagnosed with low vitamin D 12/11)
Selenium (thyroid function)
Zinc (thyroid function and PMS)
Evening Primose Oil - only until ovulation (endometriosis and PMS)
Vitamin E (endometriosis) Discontinued post-surgery.
Pyncnogenol (endometriosis) Discontinued post-surgery.
Fish Oil Supplement (endometriosis) Discontinued post-surgery.
CoQ10 (egg quality)
Royal Jelly (egg quality) Discontinued 1/13.
L-arginine (egg quality) Discontinued 1/13.
Chlorella (egg quality) Discontinued 1/13.
Iron (iron deficiency, diagnosed 12/11)
Calcium (bone health)
Magnesium (cramps and PMS)
Wheat Grass (egg quality and FSH) 

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Weekly acupuncture (started 4/2004)
Prescription Chinese Herbal Formula

Spirituality and Psychological Health
Centering Prayer (1-2x/day)
Yoga for Fertility (Aiming for 1x/day)

Western Medicine
Synthyroid (hypothyroid, diagnosed 4/12)

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